“Ultimately, the greatest lesson that COVID-19 can teach humanity is that we are all in this together, that what affects a single person anywhere affects everyone everywhere…”

Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw

Let’s face it — this virus is not going away any time soon! Even with the roll-out of a vaccine, we are still looking at a long period of COVID-19 protocols. Wearing a mask, physical distancing and staying in our core bubbles. Doing our part to stave off spikes in infections in efforts to keep our hospitals below capacity levels. Trying to ensure that our health care workers are not stretched beyond their limits AND helping to prevent spreading the illness to them. 

My heart breaks when I hear of people insisting the virus is no worse than the common flu or worse, is a hoax. My blood boils when I see people refusing to wear a mask to help protect themselves and others. I want to cry when I hear another news story of retailers bullied and harassed when they try to enforce the mask mandate. 

Is wearing a mask, such a big deal? Does it really infringe upon your rights? Seriously? 

We are all members of the same society, and we benefit from the resources that our community affords. As members of this society, it is a given (or so I thought) that we all have a responsibility to behave in ways that create a harmonious life. We all, by virtue, of belonging, are bound by the rules of communal living. 

We have lots of rules for our everyday life. Some are mandated laws and others are inherent covenants that we all abide by — rules that help keep us safe, amicable, and peaceful, for the most part.

We wear seatbelts when we are in our cars, we wear shoes and shirts to restaurants. We obey traffic regulations. We are polite and accommodating to others when we are out in public. We wait our turn in line, we say please and thank you when others lend a hand and, we contribute to our society. We work, volunteer and help our neighbours. 

These are some of the “rules” we follow without question or complaint. 

So, why is there a large faction of people who refuse to cooperate during this fast-spreading pandemic? Why does this group insist that their rights as individuals are more important than others? Even if you stalwartly believe that this illness is a hoax, can you not follow the orders of your Health Authority for the benefit of society? 

Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

Christmas will soon be here — and from the indications of the large spikes across the country, I think we will be spending the holiday in our own small households. We will be unable to gather with our extended families or friends. We will all feel the isolation and frustration from staying close to home more because we will not be able to engage in our beloved Yuletide festivities. 

I will be wearing my mask, physically distancing 6 feet, and staying in my bubble — doing my part to stop the spread. 

I will NOT be complaining about everything I am missing throughout the holidays. Instead, I will be looking for new ways to make this Christmas as joyous as any other. I will be looking for new ways to celebrate, new traditions to start, and creative ways to stay connected with my loved ones. 

Christmas 2020 will be a very different holiday, for sure. But I am determined that it will be a happy and memorable one! 

How are you planning to celebrate Christmas this year? Are you adding any new traditions because of this strange year?