The Fabulous Boomer Sisters began with an idea…

An idea that was born from a deep conviction that all women belong to the same sisterhood coupled with a boundless passion for empowering all women — especially those of the Baby Boomer generation. Intrigued by the opportunities and challenges of life over 50, we realized that the time was right to start this blog!

And so, The Fabulous Boomer Sisters became a reality.

Baby Boomers are a generation like no other in history — we represent the 76+ million people born between 1946 and 1964. We witnessed the first moonwalk and were transfixed by Beatlemania. We grew up in the second wave of feminism when our mothers and sisters sought equal rights and greater personal freedoms for women. We abandoned and redefined traditional values. Without a doubt, we will continue to break the mould as we approach our golden years.

We want to show the world that Boomers are strong, passionate, and active. Instead of conforming to society’s portrayal of our generation, we want the world to see our true selves — vibrant, vital and alive. We have valuable contributions to make, we are eager to experience new things, and we are not afraid of change. We believe baby boomers will continue to make their mark on society by redefining old age.

Let’s encourage one another to show the world that age is more than a number. Tell us your thoughts, your ideas and your stories. Let’s think out loud, offer opinions, share experiences and exchange ideas.