You Can Be A Super-Ager!

“Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young.”

~ Henry Ford

What do yoga, a class in watercolour painting, crossword puzzles and learning to speak Mandarin have in common? What about healthy eating, hanging out with friends, and 8 hours of sleep? Give up? They are all activities that some people aged 80+ are engaging in. Known as Super-Agers, these folks have the cognitive and the physical abilities of those who are 30 years or more their junior. Could their lifestyle be the reason for their super vitality?

Stats Canada reports that “The number of people aged 80 and older is expected to more than double to 3.3 million by 2036, according to a medium-growth scenario. The population aged 100 and older could triple to more than 20,000.”

Considering these statistics, researchers have been studying these incredible 80-year-olds, looking for clues to crack the code to ageing well. Their findings have pointed to answers that we have known all along. Physical movement, brain stimulation, and a healthy diet are essential to good health — especially as we age.

Photo by C Technical from Pexels

Super-Agers not only have a healthy diet, but they keep physically and mentally active as well. They strengthen their bodies with regular exercise, they stimulate their minds by learning new skills and seeking new challenges. Super-Agers have strong social networks. They know how to de-stress, and they get ample sleep.

Now is the time to cut out junk food, and eat more vegetables — swap out red meat for chicken and fish.

Is it possible to increase our cognitive functions and our physical health into our 80s and beyond? Scientists are still researching this phenomenon but, taking some cues from these unique octogenarians won’t hurt us and might help us develop some super-ager powers.

We, Baby Boomers, can learn from these vibrant seniors and incorporate the same elements of their practices into our daily routines*. Now is the time to cut out junk food and eat more vegetables — swap out red meat for chicken and fish. Why not take up Pickle Ball, enrol in a belly dancing class, try out that pottery wheel, or write that novel?

It is not too late for us to become Super-Agers. Let’s take a giant leap out of our comfort zones, and as Nike urges: Just do it!

*Remember to consult your doctor and other health advisors before you embark on new fitness programs, or make any dietary changes.

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5 Comments on “You Can Be A Super-Ager!

  1. I agree one hundred percent. This has been my approach to retirement. Except perhaps giving up red meat. Love a good beef tenderloin every so often. It’s all about balance for me. I just toss it all in with yoga, gardening, writing, puzzles and most recently piano lessons.

    • Wow! I am happy to hear you are enjoying your retirement! I am considering taking a singing class or joining a choir in the New Year. How do you like the piano lessons? Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

      • I did join a singing group as well but COVID put an end to that. Really enjoying Piano, which is done via FaceTime. Plus the daily practice helps keeps my brain focused. Just started a couple of months ago. I will never be great but I figure I have lots of time to improve.

      • That’s wonderful! I believe learning to play a musical instrument is a great way to stimulate the brain. Maybe, I could find a singing group that is done over video chat. I am amazed by our capacity to come together despite obstacles. Have you heard of the Phoenix Chamber Choir. ( or Eric Whiteacre’s Virtual Choir ( Of course, these are professional groups, but I’ll bet that there are amateur choirs out in cyberspace!

        I am guessing that you will master the piano is no time! Cheers to new ventures and to an amazing 2021!!

      • I haven’t heard of them. I actually joined You Gotta Sing in Halifax/Dartmouth area (Nova Scotia). I liked it because you didn’t have to audition. They still do it sometimes via zoom but I preferred it in person.