Happy Father’s Day!

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“Dads are most ordinary men turned by love into heroes, adventurers, story-tellers, and singers of song.”

~ Pam Brown

Happy Father’s Day — to the happy dads, the busy dads, the tired dads and the bereaved dads. To the dads who work all day and to the dads who stay home with their kids. To the dads who play catch, the ones who build stuff, to the ones who sing and to the ones who love to dance, Happy Father’s Day.

To the grumpy dads, to the worried dads, to the playful dads and to the serious ones. To dads who don’t know their children, and to dads who are always there. To the dads who we miss, to the dads in hospitals and to the dads in prisons, Happy Father’s Day.

To young dads, and older dads, to granddads and godfathers. To dads who adopt children, to dads who foster children, Happy Father’s Day.

To those who yearn for children, to those who decide not to have children. To would-be dads, soon-to-be dads, stepdads, LGBTQIA2+ dads, and furbaby dads, Happy Father’s Day.

To all dads everywhere, Happy Father’s Day!

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