What’s In My Closet?

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“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.”

~ Rachel Zoe

I was looking in my closet the other day and thinking it could use a good cleaning out. I could see several items that have been hanging there forever, still waiting to be worn! Look, there is the dress I wore, once, to a wedding — 10 years ago!!! Here is the jacket I bought at a fantastic marked-down price — with the tags still attached! And is that a peplum top on that hangar? Wow! Obviously, I need to replace most of my current garments with some I would wear — one day! These days I am overly partial to my apartment pants (leggings), my staying-in t-shirts, and no bra!

To help me find some clothes for a new me, I headed to Google to search out advice on what the coolest olders are wearing these days.

I found a lot of advice out there. Some of the ideas were quite conservative, some more adventurous, some loud and bold! But the opinions I found the most unsettling were the posts that recommended what women of a certain age should and should not wear!

Yikes! There are some strong viewpoints out there on this subject! According to some fashionistas, women 50 and older should refrain from wearing: too much makeup, too little makeup, neutral colours, clothes that are too tight, clothes that are too baggy, short skirts, long skirts, and too much jewellery — especially the chunky kind. Also, on the no-no list were stilettos, funky shoes, monochromatic colours, bright/bold colours, pastels, black & white, too many old fashion styles, too many new fashion styles and showing too much cleavage!

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The advice ran the gamut from avoiding trends to flaunting your stuff (if you have it — whatever “it” is!) Whew!! All that was enough to make me break into a sweat, run naked down the hallway and cower in my closet!

After reading a few similar posts, I decided to make my own list to help me figure out what I should be wearing now that I am in my sixties. BTW — are there things 60-year-old women SHOULD or SHOULD NOT be wearing?? Let’s find out — read my list!

What A Woman Over 60 Should Flaunt (if she feels like it!)

  • A bold, brash, and confident air
  • A genuine, friendly smile
  • A sense of humour
  • Laugh lines
  • Wrinkles
  • Things she loves (chunky jewellery, hats, bright colours, monochromatic colours, Fluevogs)
  • A bikini (wait — what? Yes, see the following bullet point!)
  • Whatever the hell she wants!

TBH — I did find some helpful advice about finding a new look. There were tons of hints, tips and suggestions on creating a new, updated and sustainable wardrobe. Now I have some ideas to work with!
I’m considering a capsule wardrobe because the idea of a minimalist approach that is simple, versatile and fun appeals to me a lot. It would take a lot of pressure off while allowing me to effortlessly implement my personal style. I have never been a fashion hound — my style could be best described as nondescript, maybe eclectic if I am talking fancy. But I love the idea of having a closet filled with items I can mix and match and have a “look” that is uniquely me. (If you want to define or redefine your personal style and need some guidance – check out Inspire My Style for a step by step plan for creating your own look.)

I am also intrigued by another idea I discovered while conducting my research. In a blog post about capsule wardrobes by Good Trade, I clicked on a link that led to this 10×10 challenge. Lee Vosburgh of Style Bee invites you to gather a collection of 10 items from your closet and combine them in ways you might not otherwise try. For 10 days, work with these ten items only and see what happens. This seems like a simple way to experiment with the idea of a capsule wardrobe and discover some new looks for FREE! Sounds like a win-win to me! At the very least, it will get me to clean out my closet! Theoretically.

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Want some inspiration to help you change your style?

What is a Capsule Wardrobe? If you are curious about building a minimalist wardrobe, this article explains what a capsule wardrobe is and gives you the basics of starting your own.

6 Over-50 Women on How to Master Trends and Basics Who What Wear discovers that women over 50 love to be fashionable — check out these over-50 fashionistas and their fabulous looks

Chic at Any Age Josephine Lalwan started her style and fashion blog more than ten years ago when she was 60 years old! Now in her seventies, Josephine is focused on helping women build sustainable and practical wardrobes.

Cultured Curves If you’re a curvy woman over 50 and want to add some zing to your closet, take a look at Linda Peavy’s style and fashion blog. Her bright, bold, confident style will encourage you to be adventurous when it comes to your own look!

Is This Mutton is a fashion and beauty blog from the UK. The blog’s name is a reference to the English phrase, “mutton dressed as lamb” — a derogatory expression aimed at women over 50. Is This Mutton’s philosophy, as posted on their website, is taking the latest trends and adapting them to suit you, creating a few signature styles along the way.

Blue Hare Created and written by women 60 and older, this online lifestyle magazine is designed specifically for women in their sixties and older. The three women, who founded Blue Hare, live in the US, Canada and Greece. They write about beauty, style, living, learning, and other topics, all focused on women older than 60.

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Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

What’s in your closet? Do you have a style that shows your unique character? Or, are you like me — a jeans and t-shirt person? Do you wear apartment pants and no bra when you’re binge-watching Netflix? Tell me in the comments. Also, can anyone help me find the perfect red lipstick?

2 Comments on “What’s In My Closet?

  1. Thank you for your comment! Asking questions and stepping outside of our comfort zones is a good thing, you never know where the answers will lead you. I am happy that older women’s fashions are not relegated to “house dresses, cardigan sweaters, and old-fashioned shoes.” Instead, more and more women (of all ages) are opting to wear whatever they want — and I love that!!

  2. Loved this! Made me think about the clothes I have in my closet with the price tag still on and how I really need to do a long overdue purge. Also made me more aware of what ladies my age are wearing. I keep an eye out for styles that I particularly like and I am not shy about complimenting and asking where they got the outfit…. a benefit of getting older for sure!