20 Ways to Get Your Groove Back

“I am currently in the process of getting my groove back.
Please stand by.”

~ Unknown

Have you lost your groove? Are you bored? Feeling a little blue or unmotivated? Disconnected? 

Let’s face it — we’ve had a rough couple of years! The COVID pandemic, the increase of hatred globally, from elevated racism, blatant misogyny, and rampant discrimination towards LGBTQIA+ and other marginalized communities, has created a worldwide doomsday feeling. Not to mention climate change!

It’s no wonder many of us are stuck in a rut and are having a tough time finding a bright side! 

Although I realize that happiness is fleeting (and yes, a first-world problem), taking care of our mental health is as important as taking care of our physical health.  

I have some tricks up my sleeve to help me get back in the swing of things on the days I feel my gloomiest. In fact, I am trying some of them right now. I’ve been in a bit of a funk lately. My confidence is low and I have been finding it difficult to get myself motivated to do much of anything — you may have noticed the lack of new content on this blog! *Looks sheepish. See my list below — you might find some tips that will help you feel on top of the world. 

20 Ways to Get Your Groove Back

1. Drink more water.
You’ll be surprised at how good you’ll feel from adding more fluids to your body. Drinking water helps release the endorphins you need to feel happy and energized. Discover fifteen more benefits of drinking water. Try adding strawberries and basil or blackberries and mint to your water for a fresh, subtle flavour. Muddle or crush the berries and herbs a little in the glass before you add the H2O.  

2. Eat plenty of fruits and veggies.
Packed with nutrients, fruits and vegetables are easy to snack on and they are delicious too! Did you know you will get some of your daily water requirements from eating them? 

3. Take a 20-minute nap.
Try this tip when you feel fatigued in the afternoon. Twenty minutes is all you need to feel refreshed and invigorated. Consider the Mayo Clinic’s advice about napping. As well as suggestions on catnaps, their list includes the pros and cons of catching zzzs in the middle of the day. CAUTION: Grabbing forty winks at the office might not be the best idea! LOL!

4. Wake up with the birds.
Find out the benefits of an early morning. I love to get outside for a break-of-dawn walk around the neighbourhood. No matter the season, or the weather, stepping out into the freshness of a new day rejuvenates my spirit, every time. 

5. Ride your bike.
Dust off that two-wheeler that’s been gathering dust in your garage. Hop on and take a tour of your neighbourhood. Cycling increases cardiovascular fitness and improves joint mobility. Bicycle riding also helps to decrease stress levels. Not convinced? See these 27 benefits of bike riding.  

Photo by Blubel on Unsplash

6. Sing or dance to your favourite tunes.
You know that saying “dance like nobody is watching…sing like nobody is listening?” Turn on your favourite music and go for it. Sing your heart out and make up your own dance routine. You’ll feel joyous and free before the album ends. Plus, dancing provides an excellent workout! I love doing housework while David Bowie’s album, Let’s Dance, is playing! What’s your go-to music?

7. Eat healthy snacks.
Munching on crunchy carrots or bright red apples throughout the day helps to keep your blood level consistent while giving you a boost of energy. The occasional granola bar or healthy, freshly baked muffin won’t hurt either. (I won’t tell if you sneak in a cookie or two!)

8. Explore your city.
Get out of your own neighbourhood and see what wonders your city affords. You may find some unique and fun spots that will pique your sense of adventure. An intriguing antique store? A beautiful park? An unexpected street festival? A hidden art gallery? Who knows what awaits you around the corner? 

9. Hit the trail.
Grab your walking shoes, pack a lunch and go on an easy hike. Bask in the beautiful scenery and discover the wonder of nature. Don’t forget to bring your water bottle! 

10. Jump in the tub.
Is there anything better than a tub full of bubbles to soak away your troubles? A great book, a glass of wine or fizzy water and some scented candles will soon have you feeling like a million bucks! Baths, not your thing? Create a spa experience for your shower. First, throw your fluffiest towels in the dryer to warm them for a luxurious feel. Then light those candles and turn off the bathroom lights to create a lovely, soothing ambiance. Toss a shower melt near the shower drain. Breathe in the divine scent of essential oils as the bomb fizzes and melts around you. Now, that’s bliss!  

Photo by Carlos Montelara from Pexels

11. Make yourself a soothing cup of tea.
A lovely cup of hot tea in your best china cup will ease your anxiety and melt away all that stress. My favourite teas for inducing calm are mint, lavender, and rose. Try this recipe – it combines all three in one delightful floral mix!

12. Get out on the highway. 
Plan a road trip to surprise a loved one you haven’t seen in ages. Travel with a friend or go solo — you’ll have a memorable adventure!

13. Buy yourself flowers.
Go on, you deserve them! Want to learn the language of flowers? Check out Everything You Need to Know About Floriography and the Secret Meaning of Flowers. It’s a fascinating read from Petal Republic

Photo by Quang Nguyen Vinh from Pexels

14. Watch a comedy.
Or flip through some funny comic books, whatever makes you ROFL. As they say — laughter is the best medicine. My current favourite TV comedies are Schitts’ Creek and Grace and Frankie. If you haven’t seen these sitcoms yet, I recommend them. Look for them on Netflix. Have you read any of the Far Side collections? Gary Larson’s work never fails to crack me up! 

15. Change your inner voice. 
Build up your confidence and bolster good feelings by talking positively to yourself. Remember Abilene’s words in the novel The Help, “You is kind. You is smart. You is important.” Those encouraging thoughts help to instill a good sense of self in young and old alike. Writing in a daily journal can help develop a new perspective. Want to start journalling, but are stuck for words? Try using prompts to explore your feelings. A Google search can help you find ways to start or check out some journal jump-starters like Life Purpose Cards from Journalisms.  

16. Start a 30-day challenge!
There is a challenge created for almost any activity. You can find monthly challenges for self-care, writing — novels or blog posts — photography, exercise plans, reading, etc. You name it, there is a challenge for it. I took the Minimalist Game Challenge for thirty days. I got rid of 500 things by the end of that month! It didn’t even hurt! Want to learn how to play? Follow this link. Play it by yourself or throw down the gauntlet and play with friends. You’ll feel great at the end of the game AND you will have less clutter. Read about the Minimalists here.

17. Make time for reflecting on your day.
Did you know acknowledging positive things every day can help you feel more optimistic and less stressed? When my kids were young – we would each take a few minutes at dinner time to talk about our day. Our goal was to share 1 not-so-good thing and 3 good things that happened to us at school or work. It worked as a tool to communicate about events in our daily lives and allowed us to find joy each day! 

Photo by SHVETS production from Pexels

18. Start or join a book club.
Not only will you read different kinds of literature but you will make new friends or strengthen bonds with old ones. Bonus reason: there are always snacks and sometimes wine! Is there anything better than getting together with a group of lively individuals to talk about books? 

19. Sharpen your pencils.
Sign up for that computer course, dance lessons, or cooking class! Watch a Ted Talk or listen to a podcast. It’s never too late to learn something new!  

20. Take a social media break.
When your mood is low, sometimes unplugging can be beneficial. A few days away from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and even email or text messages can do wonders for your peace of mind. 

What do you do to change your mindset when life hands you lemons? Share your thoughts in the comments..

PLEASE NOTE: The suggestions in this list do not constitute any professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always consult your doctor or another qualified healthcare provider with any questions regarding your physical or mental health. A licensed therapist, counsellor or mental health professional can give you an expert diagnosis and advise the best course of action for you.  

2 Comments on “20 Ways to Get Your Groove Back

  1. A good list! road trips and social media breaks (if I can do it. I am an addict I think) would work for me,

    • Thank you, Donna! I know what you mean about being a social media addict — it’s hard to take a break from it, but it feels liberating to do it!